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Selections Available on Wattpad

My Patreon Page is Live!


The Patreon feed for my novel (The Last Handful of Clover) officially goes live today! I’ve recorded a short introductory video for the launch.

I’ll actually begin releasing book chapters on May 15, but I’m encouraging everyone I know to join now! It will help to have some patrons before the actual book starts coming out, and I promise to release lots of teasers, background info, poems, and more during the next two months.

PLUS: everyone who joins before May 15 becomes a “Founding Patron,” and will be listed in every incarnation of this book (print, web, audio, etc.)— forever!

Thank you, everyone, for your support in getting me to this place! I can’t wait to begin this journey!

Watch the video, and then go to Patreon to join.