Poetry and Prose by Wess Mongo Jolley

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Selections Available on Wattpad

Love Similies

I fall for you like
    Karl Wallenda
          fell for the circus
I fall for you like
     Fat Man fell
          for Nagasaki
I fall for you like
     DB Cooper

My passion burns for you like
     a helium balloon
          in a solar flare
Like a noonday ant
     under a bad boy’s
          magnifying glass
Like the Hindenburg
     burns for the

My passion burns for you like
     a narcoleptic
          on a tanning bed

I miss you like
     a botched shot at
          a charging rhino

I dream of you like
     105 degree fever
          in a funhouse

I desire you like
     a bulimic longs
          for chocolate bunnies

I touch you like
     a mink caresses
          her leghold trap

I will love you forever
     falling and burning across the sky
          lighting up the ruins
               of our abandoned church

     (First published in The Legendary, 2009)

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