Poetry and Prose by Wess Mongo Jolley

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Selections Available on Wattpad


summer sun pours wetly
     through the convex lens of my desire
august heat weighs heavy on my chest
     and the days are far too long
every golden haired thigh and muscled shoulder
     gleams moist with need in midday heat
bearded and hungry faces meet my eye
     and linger in the desperate imagination
of tangled limbs and salty tastes and sweat
     that drips into the thirsty earth of dreams

dreams of the sunbaked barefoot path
     that leads from his tongue to mine
of that fork where we do not part but grasp our
     hair filled with summer heat bubbling our lust
into a frenzied cauldron of mud baked sweat tongued
     too burnt to touch raw sunburned desire

dreams of the road less traveled thirst unquenched
     baked earth and no shade but me under you under me
where i lie beneath your slick chest and
     find solace in our hearts boiled together in blood
and meat and frenzied muscles that grip
     salted shafts of sweat and mud streaked flesh

bearded hungry faces meet my eye and days are long

     by fall heat will crest sweat dry thighs abate
but while august burns i will have that hot flesh at summer
     crossroads sun cascading through the lenses of our desire
i will choose a path hoping it leads
     to embers finally fanned alive in you
and us and in the red glow of a
     setting august sun

     (First published in The Legendary, 2009)

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